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tv   [untitled]    October 16, 2014 10:00am-10:31am PDT

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i'm coming home to go rome no more ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in rome no more. >> (clapping.) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ (clapping.)
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thank you beach blanket babylonian and big city i'm michael perishing the board of the directors on the sthoilg foundation on behalf of the board i'd like to welcome you to the grand opening of the new st. anthony's dining room before i start, i want to remind everything this is a non-smoking event st. anthony's has been in san francisco for 64 years it bodies the openness and generosity of the city of san francisco without the generosity st. anthony's 0 would not have been able to serve 40 years and without the generosity of our community we'll not be serving meals on this corner in a place that was what converted
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automobile shop we provided the critical will basic services to many, many people i'd like to make i'd like to thank even that made the day possible our volunteers (clapping.) many, many volunteers our employees (clapping) >> yeah. >> (clapping) >> our donors thank you, very much. our sponsored the's a list of them right here in particular i'd like to say to thank our lead sponsor making kevin corporation thank you very much (clapping) i have the great how shall of welcoming the board of trust
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father john harden fathered john many of you know is form director of st. anthony's she was the one that get the ball rowell open little new dining rumor in 2004 to raise the money when they said it was going to be define father john took the leap of faith and sunshine said full speed ahead god will provide and good idea has provided father john, please came forward and offer our blessing to our folks this morning. >> who's taking bets how long it's going to take before i start crying. (laughter)
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grass us he loving god we also give you thanks for the guest gift of life especially on this day for st. anthony's our model and guide bless all here present and those unable to be with us who have transcribed of their time, their latent and the treasure to the creation of this new dining room and norman in order to condition the miracle of jones street as we follow our instruction to feed the hungry give clothing to the naked, constantly remind us that all that enter here are our brothers and sisters and also to be treated with dignity and respect grateful for 64 years of
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service we ask that you send down upon this new building our spirit to make it a place of living stones it came passion marked by the love of father alfred and father floyd and many other friers who have walked with those in need (clapping) amen >> amen. >> thank you father john that player and all you do to bring us to this day thank you (clapping.) i would like to bring to the pronounced berry stinger our executive director as executive director berry had the task of
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completed the characteristic campaign he did extremely well, we're thankful for that but we're very, very lucky to have him as executive director his knowledge and wisdom his kindness are a benefit to our entire community with that, i'd like to welcome berry to the stage (clapping.) good morning and welcome to all of you for being here on this great day seems like my responsibility to get you ready to enter the new dining i'm going to be practical all you take our hands and put our fingers on and temples and look at it a little bit and go oh. >> oh. >> okay look this way and go avenue so are you ready
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my work is done here no, today st. anthony's foundation is taking a bold step into the future today, we're opening the doors to so much more we're opening the doors to more meals, more help for those in need, and more hope and that hope that hope is not a gownless hope no navigate we've been standing solidly on this granddaughter u ground for 64 years of history see 64 years ago today, the old dining room was dedicated at had very to the navigate the line of hungry people queuing up along golden gate has been going on for more than one hundred years the earthquake the friers have
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remained true to is it fair to say the patron of the city those friers os in they're poor they're on brothers and sisters and remained true to all of you who are struggling true to you who a share this journey towards the community for which we've all been create it, it's vision this xrirtd alfred back in 189 informative 50 people would have a dining tables in which to share the meal we were hoping today that one of the friers in a rest home no oakland brother anthony that helped to district food we hear that said to father alfred the
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old garage we could make into the dierpg you want so badly he helped him back o make the sandwiches and acquire that building brother anthony and all the freezer they knew nothing they were called to fill more than empty stomachs he e they knew nothing we should be creating created a community to catch a glistens of ourselves as brothers and sisters radiated if god's image today, i'm remind of a couple of things that father alfred and i hope the press is linking he'd get very upset when a number person said this was a
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soup kitchen he said this is not a soup kitchen but a dining (clapping) when you enter that when you enter the building today, you'll know exactly what was he was talking about look at the ceiling and the bringing chairs and the natural light coming into the windows this is not a couple u soup kitchen but a dining room you'll enter that dining room and realize that is a beautiful place that was built for you you'll see the supervisor tang new kitchen i realize you diver more than the scraps from spokesman tables when someone services serves you or fry on a brand new set of
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clothing i hope you realize your better than what living on the streets sometimes makes you feel like the other phrase that go father albert says this is the miracle on john's street this is the language the mirror includes because what has inspired father alfred was the generosity off our donors we've never closed the doors kept feeding people wherever they show up it's a miracle that people step forward and contribute the way they have i'm going to have to pick up the paper that flo flew over here that miracle continues and you're all part of it there's
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people that have stepped up to the plate up to make that work our great board of directors you our staff and volunteers today, we have the new by brothers the contractors that built this new beautiful building (clapping) and representatives from our architect h tiff when you see the details inside you'll appreciate their work we've had people from mercy housing 8 floors of senior citizen building people who helps us bank of america and the northern california loan fund our elected officials they're part of the miracle yes. i expect that oil officials restraining order to the thanked for the miracles but
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you stood by and our donors the foundation ray and joan robinson and the charity and charles and helen swabbing and the list going on all people that recognize? is a special project and donors big and small and families who have for generations been part of the miracle feinstein this is an extraordinary moment in the history of this organization and in the history of this city as an nonprofit we're used to making due with what we have so we put things together and make it work so to have something like that is extraordinary to be serving 3 thousand meals a day sometimes in a dining room that is a dining room to be
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preparingors meals in a kitchen this is extraordinary for us also an extraordinary moment in the history of this city you've heard there is a battle going on in san francisco particularly here in the tenderloin some say that's a abandonment or real estate a battle or hourlz others about jobs the political battles the economic battle yes, it's all those things i'm sure but i believe that it is a battle for the heart of our city by raising up this building we have saying that there is a place in this city a place in the city of st. francis for those who are poor this beautiful dining room and affordable housing unit and this associate work center and clothing program are clear statements that, yes there is a
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place in the city tailors also a place in the city for those who have more than they need but there's a place for those who are in need if there's a battle going on than this building is our flag in the ground it tells those yes, we're a great city not a suburban on and on classify a ghetto not a gated community a truly diverse city with room for all this place is is is symbol a symbol of a city with a big heart a city with the vision a vision it matches that are of patrons st. francis today, we celebrate the on this place the vision that sees in those who will line up along the arresting can do brothers and sisters it
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is a vision it that sees in the people that will be sitting at the tables brothers and sisters today, we celebrate that we all our brothers and sisters are in a city where ever we can once in a while we were all the children of god thank you. (clapping.) >> wherever we gasket at st. anthony's i've been reminded i can't forget the most important people yes, we have celebrates and chiefs and elected officials more important people at any gather at st. anthony's is our
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guest we want to guest to come up and share dell seymour is a long time guests he is resilient and resource full and started his own business a group that he community colleges u conducts tours of the tenderloin i'm honored to have one of 0 our guests dell seymour thank you. (clapping.) >> i know i was walking here this morning coming down jones a guy asked me are you nervous i said it's a piece of cake then he turned this corner and wow. this is amazing berry thank you for giving me about the tenderloin walking tours my tours are similar to the tours
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this the white house except mine i escort you (laughter) you know, i asked berry the other day why was i chosen to be up here this morning he reiterated that they serve 40 million meals and he's skews me of eating 4 hundred and 32 thousand. (laughter) this morning i want to thank the mayor for the review i we have backroom up to 6 booms it is like 6 thousand when you need to go thank you so much for that (clapping) thank you chief suhr for making our secretary of state's streets cleaner and captain jackson for
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making that it friendly letter place chief white your folks are on the block all the time don't let them see you sweat yes, ma'am thank you, ma'am there's a got up of folks involved p with st. anthony's that don't get recognize the men that are in recovery in the backroom walking dishes 365 days a year (clapping.) those cats are involved in the biggest fight of their life they're fighting everyday for their soberest and tlifrns this is the perfect place to do it so thank you guys
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(clapping) a couple of months ago i had a young lady open my tour she said her lamont last name is pelosi i said you have a power mother she said, "no she has a powerful daughter then i knew she was a pelosi i was at a recalling for jones the other night and the owner mr. doug began was saying a low class facility there i said you have not been to st. anthony's this is a world-class place so let's do a world-class name luxury tony's (clapping) so as i close here you know it's a trip i'm sitting in a chair next to nancy pelosi i used to
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sleep right here right here isn't that great god has a sense of humor this is completely nuts so as i leave here you know what me and all those people i'm sure we had something better to do than coming down to the attained luke those folks you're here for our clients that's a wonderful thing come on let's hear it (clapping) so as i finish up before i get put out i want you to remember you're here to do a job it's not 0 over after a couple of hours they or more e remove the seats there will be people sleeping we have one hundred and 50 people
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sleeping in the church on pews everyday the job is not over the job is not over (clapping.) thank you, thank you for your per apprehension i definitely want to go on a tour i'm pleased to invite a st. anthony's volunteer to the stage that's how we getting got who know ms. most of you know nancy pelosi she's been here year after year with her children and grandchildren volunteering nancy pelosi is a long friend of st. anthony's but those who struggle to put you food on the table or earner equal pay and work or
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struggle for affordable housing we're proud of her service and this fellow san franciscan are here today house democratic leader nancy pelosi (clapping) >> good morning, everyone. >> good afternoon. >> i don't know about you i don't have a better place to be then here (clapping) this is the most important work that and the most best way to spend their time since dell mentioned my daughter i'll get to family isn't that a family affair we have michael who is family the hellman family have been part of the every great thing that happens in this city thank you so much michael for your lisp we have the other
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folks across the board in our city in this beautiful, beautiful building thank you to the construction workers and the libby's that michael made this a beautiful, beautiful beautiful structure (clapping) the official family of san francisco our great that mayor supervisor wiener and supervisor kim who are here the chief the chief the captain so supervisor scott weiner many people farther of the official family and the fathers sister father floimdz sister i don't know where she is may and father al foreheads nephew who's here as well nephew (clapping) but it's an interesting thing to see how it goes from one
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generation to the next you talked about michael one day the one time of the year we have my 5 children live all over the country come together for thaings we come with the welcoming of my children i said father that's inspired you and he said may he said my parents taught us that god loves poor people in a special way we must treat them in a special way and that's why i burn out i also have that moirgs mission what a beautiful, beautiful thought (clapping) as family many of us were gathered together remember mayor no two years ago but not two
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full years we've got january and february of 2012 a hole in the ground how many of you were here for that they it was about a construction site i had heels about this high we walked into the mud my guy is here today where you r you tyrone remember tyrone how beautifully he spoke and in the spirit you're a member of the board; is that correct tyrone yes indeed he expired us that day this gets us back to michael and berry's point those are the people who are here to serve but the vips or the volunteers that were here to make if t it all happen i would like to take a half of
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moment to say thank you to all of that but helping us with the public policy that made this part it is always a fight especially recently, we have new market tax credits over $10 million of opportunity hud with mayors leadership we got the hud grant of $12 million and the low income tax credit at mercy housing all over the city but in this case $16 million and so that public policy that you help us and how i help us advocate for it and setting examples of national significance model for the country how communities work together for the good of the country so here we are now i've heard a beautiful prayer that the frier cam gave make me an
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instrument of my peace the st. anthony's is the anthem of our city and made all of you this board and people instruments of goedz peace the other prayer isn't always to pray to god please bless our work but the fact is god has already blessed hesitate work why not going to doing god's work that's already blessed that's what you're doing thank you you-all all it's my honor to be here with all of you i would yield back my time with greater appreciation thanks (clapping.) thank you leader pelosi that
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reels us there's a lot of building going on for 0 mayor that can mean a lot of openings and ribbon cuttings i doubt the mayor can get to all of them i thank the mayor for being here not too many buildings in the city are built for those in the city who can't afford the high rents bus this building is for those without i know for mayor ed lee he affordable housing is a high priority in the city and we'll be appreciative of that you gave me ed lee the great mayor of san francisco (clapping.) good morning good morning all right. this is fun to be
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here leader peel thank you for your your combination and leadership michael and the board of directors and the entire staff and the volunteers that are here everyday thank you, thank you very, very much if i may say on behalf of the the supervisors that are here and the city agencies our chiefs our construction family their workers i want to say thank you to stoimz st. anthony's for providing united states the opportunity to help more people you're right berry and father harding define and michael we're building brand new permanently affordable low income housing in the tenderloin in san francisco and we will do more and more of that


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